WELCOME, Jagroop Dhaliwal

Jan 23, 2023

FORUS Therapeutics is thrilled to welcome Jagroop Dhaliwal, to the department of Medical and Scientific Affairs as an Intern through the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Management and Innovation graduate program at Queen’s University. Jagroop has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Ottawa and with his most recent role as a Research Fellow in Neuroscience and Mental Health at the Hospital for Sick Children, he brings more than ten years of research experience to his new role. Jagroop will lead and contribute to key projects in Medical and Scientific Affairs department and support cross-functional activities in Marketing, Market Access, Regulatory and Business Development. Jagroop will play a significant role accelerating access to unique and important treatments that meaningfully enhance life for Canadian cancer patients. Welcome to the team, Jagroop.